Best Ring Designs for Fall 2018

How to finalize an Engagement ring – Things to bear in mind

Weddings are never ending and so are engagements. Diamond engagement rings are becoming quite popular among couples now, because of this the jewelers have come up with enticing range of diamond engagement rings. Platinum solitaire bands and gold engagement rings are being used on a large scale. These bands are now available in affordable prices too, to ensure that no one has to think twice before buying one for their loved ones.


Females these days like their engagement rings to be light and elegant. Therefore the jewelers have come up with attractive engagement rings in beautiful designs and light in weight with a diamond nested in it. This altogether makes it even more affordable. The subtlety and elegance of rings is marked as a symbol of love for another.

What to look for in an engagement ring ?

– Decide your budget before going to shop for the engagement ring.

– Know the style and design of ring your partner likes.

– Choose light and elegant design, heavy and complicated designs are not only old fashioned but they cost a lot too

– Choose the metal in which your want to buy, gold or platinum

– Buy engagement ring from a trusted jeweler, you don’t want to invest your money into a low quality product.

– While buying a diamond ring know the 4 Cs of diamond –  cut, colour, clarity and carat

– Get the specifications of the diamond in writing.

– And not to forget, get her ring size right!